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Rachael Rollins takes a brave stand

Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins
Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael RollinsNancy Lane/Pool

It is astonishing to witness the integrity, grit, and bravery evinced by Suffolk District Attorney Rachael Rollins in her planned dismissal of tens of thousands of cases due to tainted evidence (“DA to drop charges in lab-tied cases,” Metro, March 23). The wrongful convictions based on this evidence amounted to crimes perpetrated by the Commonwealth against thousands of people, some of whom could still be in jail, all of whom have had their lives upended and reputations damaged by individual shenanigans and bureaucratic ineptitude. I applaud Rollins for her strong character and will to correct egregious wrongs. I have no personal interest in this, but I am glad she is our district attorney — such a breath of fresh air rising above the muck of our so-called justice system.

Liz Casey