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Throw a lifeline for your neighbors

“A lifeline for households pushed to the edge” (Page A1, March 21) is a very good account of the dizzying amount of the hopeful help people will get from the American Rescue Plan.

But we know that a significant number of us getting $1,400 stimulus checks don’t really need them if we’ve been getting a decent salary throughout the coronavirus pandemic. With many hundreds of thousands still unemployed in our state and those getting eviction and foreclosure notices, there’s still a lot of deep hardship and suffering. So please consider donating some of your stimulus check if you are not struggling economically now. There are many local community-led relief efforts for COVID-19 across Massachusetts. All have special programs during the pandemic to donate to local mutual-aid relief groups in each area. A few funds to consider are the Massachusetts Undoc Fund to aid undocumented immigrants, Mass Redistribution Fund, food banks, and the 11 community foundations across the state.


And if you google “charities for” Syria, Haiti, Yemen, Ethiopia, Republic of Congo, Myanmar, or any number of other regions around the world that are suffering various forms of crisis, you will find lists of organizations trying to help these millions of the most suffering peoples on earth.

Let’s make these stimulus checks ones that boost help and hope for others in need.

Gladys Vega

Executive director, La Colaborativa


Lew Finfer

Senior Organizer, Massachusetts Communities Action Network


This letter was also cosigned by representatives of Violence in Boston and Massachusetts Voter Table.