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Dave Epstein

It’s been unusually windy this month — or has it?

A windsurfer glided along the water in Pleasure Bay near Castle Island earlier this month.Steven Senne/Associated Press

Once again the winds are howling today, and gusts over 50 mph are common in much of Southern New England. These winds are ushering in colder Canadian air, and while March is typically a windy month, our windiest actually, this year it feels like we’ve seen more than our share of blustery days. However, what does the data show? Is our wind perception the reality?

Rough calculations indicate that today is day 12 of above-average wind this month — that’s over a third of the month, and some of those winds have been damaging and created power outages.

There have been a dozen days of above average wind this monthNOAA

There’s no particular reason why this March we seem to have had a lot of windy days. It’s just one of those things that happens occasionally, just like some months are wet or warm or snowy or dry.


Now here’s the interesting part. Although we’ve seen several days with wind above average, we’ve also had a lot of days where the wind has been below normal speeds. This means that overall, March 2021 has actually been less windy than average. If you look back to the 1940s there are many more March months with wind higher than this.

The windiest Marches on record took place in the 1950s.NOAA

The winds will subside this evening and the wind advisories and high wind warnings will expire.

Tomorrow looks like the nicest day of the entire week with the temperature up near 60 degrees, light winds, and plenty of sunshine. I wish I could say the beautiful weather is going to last, but after Wednesday things will slowly go downhill. And guess what, the wind is coming back. It seems appropriate that we would conclude the month that way.

Rain will move into the area in the afternoon or evening on Wednesday and continue Wednesday night. The breeze will come out of the south and won’t be as strong as today but it will definitely be noticeable again. After the mild midweek, much colder air arrives for Thursday night, Friday, and into the start of the weekend.


A cold pool of below average temperatures arrives late this week.Tropical Tidbits

Temperatures may be in the mid-20s both Friday and Saturday mornings. April will feel like March. This type of cold does have the possibility of doing some damage to fruit trees if they have started to bloom, and you can be sure the growers will be carefully checking their plants over the weekend.

The first weekend in April eventually turns seasonable and I don’t expect any precipitation, it should be great for getting outside and continuing to enjoy the early spring — wind or not.