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Here were some of the best memes about the ship stuck in the Suez Canal

The Ever Given on Monday after it was partially refloated in Egypt's Suez Canal.SUEZ CANAL AUTHORITY/NYT

At one point or another, we’ve all been stuck — whether it was a sticky situation, a difficult life decision, or like the colossal ship that held up global trade for days on end, physically locked in place (Boston traffic, anyone?).

Few news cycles in perhaps the bleakest of years in recent memory have inspired — and churned out — such a rapid production of memes as the situation that unfolded this past week when a fully laden 220,000-ton vessel was lodged in Egypt’s Suez Canal.

To those active on social media, the task of removing the Ever Given and setting it free was as gripping as it was humorous. The Herculean effort — man versus an unbelievably, seriously large ship — resulted in creations reflecting on the struggles of daily life, our poor parking attempts, and more.


The skyscraper-sized Ever Given was at last set free Monday and one of the world’s most vital maritime passages is now unclogged. While some may be sweating the $9 billion that was held up in global trade each day the vessel was stuck, others will just be grateful for the memes it gave us.

Here were some favorites, courtesy of the Internet.

Familiar with the infographics that have littered social media in light of various causes? Maybe this one can help you understand the Suez Canal blockage.

Or not.

Many of us, however, identified with the ship.

The situation literally kept us on our toes. We yearned for constant updates on a stuck vessel. For those few days, it was the only thing that mattered.

Some of us even came up with creative solutions to free the Ever Given.

In the end, did we ever really want to see the ship go?

And finally — the Ever Given was officially set free!


All hail the classic Carrie Bradshaw meme. Who among us hasn’t had this thought at least once during the pandemic?

A freed vessel is certainly a cause for celebration, especially to the tune of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen.” Similar scenes could probably be imagined occurring on the other ships awaiting passage.

The Internet won’t forget you, Ever Given.

(But we might not miss you that much.)

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