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You’d be a fool to ignore these new shows

Kathryn Newton from an earlier "Masterpiece" version of "Little Women."
Kathryn Newton from an earlier "Masterpiece" version of "Little Women."Courtesy of MASTERPIECE on PBS, BBC and Playground

Thursday is a particularly rich day on TV. All kinds of wonderful new shows are premiering, on streaming, cable, and broadcast. Here are a few of the gems.

1. Since “Ellen’s Game of Games” has done well for NBC, the networks is premiering “Ellen’s Game of Game of Thrones.” Dressed in the clothes of our favorite “Game of Thrones” characters, contestants will play Dizzy Dash from Dragons, You Bet Your Wife (Or She Dies Brutally), Don’t Leave Me Hanging, and Blindfolded Musical Chairs With Ramsay Bolton.

2. “Dr. Pimple Popper” is a sensation, so TLC is launching a new member of its dermatology franchise called “This Is Pus.” There are families of skin tags, moles, and cysts, and the show tracks one of them from their light, barely visible beginnings to their gooey ends. The premiere focuses in on The Big Three, a trio of multicolored abscesses with an excess of dramatic manifestations.

3. NBC has just expanded the “Law & Order”-verse once again, with its new “Law & Order: Organized Crime.” Lest the network’s other major Dick Wolf franchise feel left out, the network is introducing “Chicago Meter.” Follow the crew’s personal and professional lives as they ticket dirty cars and run from angry owners trying to talk their ways out of fines. They end their shifts at Molly’s to talk about dese, dem, and dose kinds of things.


4. It’s time for a fresh “Masterpiece” miniseries from across the pond! That’s why the PBS series is bringing us an adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women,” based on the 2019 film, which was inspired by the 2017 miniseries, which was triggered by the 2005 Broadway play, which was grounded in the 1994 film, which paid homage to the 1994, 1949, 1933, and 1918 films and the BBC’s miniseries of 1970, 1958, and 1950. Time to march forth into something new and different.


5. Chuck Lorre has five comedies on TV, “Mom,” “Young Sheldon,” “The Kominsky Method,” “Bob Hearts Abishola,” and “United States of Al.” But Chuck Lorre’s lucky number is six, so CBS is making room for one more. Called “Young Mike, Molly, Dharma, Greg,” it gives us the formulaic backstories we’ve been waiting for all these years from the king of CBS laugh-track-coms.

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