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Boy Scouts clear walking trail in Medway

Boy Scouts cleared a walking trail in Medway on Sunday.
Boy Scouts cleared a walking trail in Medway on Sunday.Photo Courtesy of Nickerson

Boy Scouts, using hedge trimmers and hand saws, helped clear a nature trail for a new retirement community in Medway on Sunday, according to scout leaders.

About 15 scout members from Troop 367 helped clear the mile-and-a-half long trail for The Willows and Whitney Place, Eric Borgeson, CTO of SALMON Health and Retirement, which operates the communities, and Eagle Scout, said in a phone interview. The trail will also be open to the public, he said.

When it came time to clear the trail, which had been planned for years, Borgeson suggested working with the scouts, he said.

The troop was looking for more conservation projects, so working on the path felt like “a natural fit,” Greg Green, the committee chairman for the troop, said in the interview.


The project allowed the scouts to socialize with each other, which has become difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Green said.

“It was being out in the outdoors, being with your friends, and doing some work to help the community,” he said.

They also got to work on their problem-solving skills when they came across barbed wire and had to figure out how to remove it, Green said.

Watching the scouts work was “pretty impressive,” according to Borgeson.

“I called them the juggernauts,” he said. “They just went through and made this trail nice and quick.”

Borgeson said he believes the trail will allow the scouts to connect with the retirement community residents.

“You really get a magical mixture of the community, the younger kids, the scouts, and the seniors,” he said. “They have the wisdom, and when you get them together in these natural environments, they can really start sharing each other’s time and sharing each other’s knowledge.”

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