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Blind date: ‘Very cool glasses, suggests she’s much cooler than me’

Will a love for classic Calvin and Hobbes bond these daters?

Tess and Stefan on their Zoom blind date.
Tess and Stefan on their Zoom blind date.

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STEFAN: 27 / youth advocate

HIS HOBBIES: Woodworking, candle making, politics

LAST THING HE READ: Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll

TESS: 24 / grad student


HER PERFECT MATE: Would look like one of the Hemsworth brothers and be passionate and driven



Stefan I downed a beer. It was a nice beer, too, which is a bit of a waste, I didn’t savor it as much as I should have.


Tess I went for a run, then got dressed and did my makeup like I was actually going out.

Stefan She was very attractive! Very cool glasses, suggests she’s much cooler than me (not difficult).

Tess Stefan had a great smile. Even over Zoom, he gave off a really genuine and friendly vibe.


Stefan We did the obvious who/what/where/why breakdown to get a sense of each others’ backgrounds, then dabbled in larger topics like politics and religion (we went rogue).

Tess We both gave a 60-second “elevator pitch” about ourselves.

Stefan I discovered that she’s hella smart and studying some really fascinating and impactful pieces of international health policy. And that she did Irish step dance for most of her life.

Tess Stefan talked about his work mentoring at-risk youth. I was really impressed with his passion and dedication and how much he invests into his job.

Stefan I ordered extra spicy chicken curry from Shanti Taste of India. It was delightful, and the garlic naan was on point. The extra spicy aspect had me sweating a tad.

Tess I ordered a vegan bowl from Chipotle. It’s not anything super fancy, but it was good.


Stefan We both love Calvin and Hobbes! This was huge and definitely a tally in the “pro” column.

Tess We discovered that we are both big fans of Calvin and Hobbes. I don’t meet many people who love that comic strip as much as I do, so that was a great coincidence. We also both have cats that we absolutely love.

Stefan She also had a background in working with kids, which is what I do.

Tess We both have experience working with kids.

Stefan The conversation got easier as I realized that she was enjoying the date. I’m attracted to good laughs and intelligence and she checks both of those boxes.

Tess We had a great conversation from beginning to end.


Stefan I felt a spark when she asked for my number and told me she was giving her friends glowing reviews of the date.

Tess We both joked that we were going to reply to our very invested friends who had been texting to ask about the experience.

Stefan I only ended it because I had prior plans, a movie night with friends, so I had to bounce. It definitely could have kept going. We said we had a lovely time and exchanged digits.

Tess I really enjoyed our conversation. Stefan was great.


Stefan I sure hope so! I felt there was a connection, hopefully that sentiment was shared.

Tess We exchanged numbers, so I guess we’ll see if we hang out again post-COVID.



Stefan / A

Tess / A