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Tom Brady is not a fan of a new NFL rule

At 43, it might be harder for Tom Brady to learn the NFL's new rules.
At 43, it might be harder for Tom Brady to learn the NFL's new rules.Kamil Krzaczynski/Associated Press

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As the oldest quarterback in the NFL, it might not be a surprise that Tom Brady isn’t always a fan of league rule changes.

The NFL announced several rule and league policy changes on Wednesday, including one which would expand the allowed numbers that certain player positions can use for their jerseys.

Specifically, multiple positions can now use single-digit jersey numbers for the first time, including running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, defensive backs, and linebackers.

Brady, as he shared on his Instagram story on Thursday, is apparently not in favor of the switch.


“Good luck trying to block the right people now,” Brady wrote. “Going to make for a lot of bad football.”

Brady’s point appears to be an issue that other coaches have reportedly raised on the topic. Specifically, the concern is that player positions with more general numbering could create confusion in blocking schemes, and might lead to more free rushers on quarterbacks.