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Bay State Milling brings us Flourish, a healthier all-purpose flour

It has five times more fiber than unbleached white flour.

Flourish flour

If 2020 has sparked a desire to bake more than ever, a new flour from Bay State Milling of Quincy might be appealing. Several months ago, the company introduced Flourish, all-purpose flour with five times more fiber than unbleached white flour — ¼-cup yields 6 grams of fiber compared to 1 gram for regular all-purpose. The flour is produced from fiber-rich wheat grown by family-owned farms in the Pacific Northwest, upper Midwest, and Arizona’s desert region. It’s then milled into flour higher in prebiotic fiber and lower in carbs that adds nutrition to your loaves of bread and baked goods. The measurement for flour in a recipe stays the same but a bit more liquid is required, says Katie Harris, a senior nutrition scientist and product developer at Flourish. She recommends an increase of ¼ cup for yeast-raised goods and 1 to 2 tablespoons for cookies, muffins, brownies, pie crusts and others, or until you reach the right dough or batter consistency. Flourish is expensive at $10 for two pounds, $22.49 for five pounds, so you might use it selectively. For details, check out, which takes you to Amazon to purchase.



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