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It’s Star Wars Day and MassDOT wants drivers to celebrate safely on the roads

Yoda wants you to buckle up.
Yoda wants you to buckle up.LUCASFILM LTD

It’s May the Fourth, and fans of a certain blockbuster movie franchise know what that means: Star Wars Day has arrived.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has made a special effort to celebrate Star Wars Day this year, posting May the Fourth messages on the electronic signs that flank roadways around the state.

Obviously, the force is strong with that department.

John Gulliver, MassDOT state highway administrator for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, jumped on Twitter before dawn to trumpet the department’s handiwork.

“You may be wondering about some unusual messages on @MassDOT highway signs today,” he tweeted. “It’s always a good day for safety and litter messages but today is also a special day for Star Wars fans, so we thought we would mix it up a bit with some themed messages.”


Among the cheeky messages is the Yoda-inspired, “There is no try, wear a seatbelt you will,” the Han Solo hat tip, “Kessel in 12 parcecs is too fast to drive safely,” and “Only a Sith litters, keep Mass clean.”

Hayley Kaufman can be reached at hayley.kaufman@globe.com.