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‘Hi Ma, how are ya?’ Mary Walsh gets Mother’s Day message from her son, Marty — and President Biden

Labor Secretary Martin J. Walsh, the former mayor of Boston, spoke at the White House on Friday.Alex Wong/Getty

Did you call your mother on Sunday? Marty Walsh did, and he had some help from his boss, President Biden.

In a video shared on the president’s official Twitter account on Mother’s Day, Biden and Walsh, the former Boston mayor now serving as US secretary of labor, are seen leaving a lighthearted voicemail for Walsh’s mom, Mary Walsh, from the president’s desk in the Oval Office.

“Hey mom, it’s Joe Biden,” Biden says after hearing the beep to begin the message. “I’m standing in the Oval Office with a guy that says he’s your son. He’s the secretary of labor. I’m just calling to check whether that’s true.”


Biden then turns to Walsh.

“Say hi to your mom,” the president says.

Walsh lifts up his face mask and leans toward the phone.

“Hi Ma, how are ya?” he says with a chuckle, in his distinctive Boston accent.

“Sorry we missed you, mom,” Biden says. “The vice president’s here, too, as well.”

“Hi mom!” Vice President Kamala Harris calls from outside the frame.

Biden continues, “We just wanted to say hi. Anyway, it won’t surprise you he’s doing a hell of a job, but I’ll deny having said that. Anyway, I’ll catch you when you’re home. Love you, see you, bye bye.”

Biden hangs up the phone, and Walsh turns to the room, seemingly in an attempt to explain why his mother didn’t pick up the call on Mother’s Day.

“She’s probably sitting there not answering the phone,” he jokes.

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