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In imposing purity test on Liz Cheney, it’s GOP that’s soiled

Representative Liz Cheney, Republican of Wyoming, speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington on April 14.Amr Alfiky/NYT

Wyoming Republican is a profile in courage

As a die-hard progressive and Democrat, it’s difficult to even say the words. But here goes: Three cheers for US Representative Liz Cheney (“GOP should follow Liz Cheney, not remove her,” Editorial, May 6). Yes, as you note, the Wyoming Republican is “pro-gun, pro-coal, anti-tax,” and a foreign policy hawk. She’s about as conservative as they get. But she won’t sell her soul to remain in power, as so many of her GOP colleagues are willing to do, and she continues to boldly and forcefully speak out against Donald Trump’s big election lie.

Cheney may lose her leadership position in the House and even her seat. But she’s worthy of a Profile in Courage award. Policy disagreements are one thing. The Republican Party’s knowing perpetuation of an appalling lie threatens democracy itself.


Gil Hoy


Reader has voted for both parties before, but she can’t back what’s happening

I like to think of myself as a practical thinker who attempts to see all sides of an issue before forming a defensible view. In the past, I have voted for candidates on both sides of the aisle based on their support of issues I consider important to all Americans, not to one party or the other. While I voted Democratic in the last two presidential elections, I have voted for Republicans in the past. However, what is happening in the Republican Party lacks common sense and speaks only to a minority of Americans.

Efforts to kick a strong Republican like Liz Cheney out of leadership, especially since she has always stood strong behind traditional party tenets — a determination I view as both American and democratic — should warn us all that truth, good sense, and dignity have left the stage in the GOP .

Linda Crothers


In a similar case, how would Democrats deal with one of their own?

I fully understand why the Democrats are so critical of Republican attempts to demote Liz Cheney from her leadership positions. I wonder, though, how Democrats would feel and what they would do if one of their own spoke out in favor of the Trump wing of the Republican Party. My guess is that they would act as the Republicans are acting: by banishing the renegade.


Allen Rossiter


Cheney is getting the Marie Yovanovitch treatment

Liz Cheney is about to become the Marie Yovanovitch of 2021: banished for speaking “inconvenient” truth, as the then-ambassador to Ukraine was in 2019. It would be only the latest example of spine-deficient congressional Republicans losing all sense of tolerance, character, and shame, emulating their dear leader.

Harvey Schmidt