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Weather Forecast

This week, expect cooler weather with more midweek heat

People lounged at Carson Beach in South Boston last week.
People lounged at Carson Beach in South Boston last week.Jonathan Wiggs/Globe Staff

Sunday brought the first 90-degree weather to much of the region, including Boston, which was 22 degrees above average and only 3 degrees shy of the record set back in 1964. A gusty front passed through in the evening, so Monday morning we have lower humidity and much cooler temperatures. This is the kind of weather you’d expect in late May.

You’ve probably noticed we didn’t see any significant rain with the passage of that front in spite of a 40-degree drop in temperature. That’s because if two air masses collide, but neither has much moisture, you can end up with a rainless transition. Unfortunately, there’s only one chance of rain this week and it’s not a good one. (More on that below.)


Forecast for the week

The next two days will certainly be beautiful for getting outside and enjoying the final week of May. Highs Monday afternoon will reach the 60s and then it’s back into the 70s for Tuesday. Expect abundant sunshine and relatively light breezes. The humidity will be very low.

High pressure will move in midweek.
High pressure will move in midweek.NOAA

A warm front pushes through Tuesday night and early Wednesday with a burst of heat and humidity. Once again we’re looking at the possibility of more 90-degree weather Wednesday afternoon.

Hot weather will return on Wednesday.
Hot weather will return on Wednesday.NOAA

Chances of severe weather Wednesday night and Thursday

A new cold front will cross through Wednesday night and Thursday with a chance for a few showers and thunderstorms. The actual cold front will likely move through early Thursday morning. This is important because the middle of the night is not an ideal time for showers and thunderstorms to form and means the chance of rain is less. However, even though the front’s timing isn’t necessarily great for thunderstorms, there may still be enough energy to kick off some boomers with torrential rain and possible severe weather during the afternoon Wednesday. That’s something to watch — since it’s only Monday, the exact timing of any bad weather in a couple of days still needs to be refined.


I like the way Thursday is looking with lowering humidity, but temperatures will still be up in the lower and maybe even middle 80s. It’ll feel like a dry midsummer day.

Memorial Day weekend weather

The ultimate forecast for the holiday weekend is going to depend on a couple of meteorological players. The first will be some energy coming out of the middle of the country creating a storm along the coast. The other important piece of the equation is a storm over eastern Canada. For us to get rain, the storm further north has to move away, allowing the coastal storm to affect us. If the player over Canada holds tough, we’ll only see more clouds and coolish conditions, but the significant rain will never reach the region.