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Waze app and poor visibility lead SUV onto Newton golf course, driver tells police

Site of Newton country club crash.
Site of Newton country club crash.NPD

A man crashed an SUV onto the golf course at Brae Burn Country Club in Newton on Wednesday morning and blamed the mishap on low visibility and a GPS directional app, police said.

Newton police said in an incident report that officers were called around 5:00 a.m. to the club, located on Fuller Street, for a vehicle that had become “stuck on the grass near hole number 6.” Cops said they arrived on scene and spoke with the driver.

The motorist, the report said, chalked up the accident to low visibility, compounded by his reliance on a navigational app, identified as Waze.


An officer, the report said, asked the driver how “he ended up in the golf course to which he said and showed me on his phone that he followed his Waze app.” The report said the man told cops “he dropped his friends off at approximately 02:00hrs and proceeded to follow his Ways app home.”

The insane hour didn’t help, either.

The man, the report said, told police “it was pitch black out when he was driving and took one of the turns [too] wide and got stuck.”

Crash in Newton. Nobody hurt, police say.
Crash in Newton. Nobody hurt, police say.NPD

And he didn’t appear impaired, according to the report.

“Throughout my conversation with [redacted] I did not smell any odor of an alcoholic beverage, his eyes were not red, and [redacted] was speaking completely fine,” the report said, describing an officer’s observation of the man as he recounted losing his way via Waze.

Ultimately, the report said, cops cleared the SUV from the scene, and the golf course didn’t suffer any damage.

“Officer [redacted] spoke with a Brae Burn employee who said there was no damage to the golf course,” the report said.

Though the report didn’t specify the make and model of the vehicle, photos police released clearly showed it was a dark-colored SUV.


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