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Blind date: ‘The illumination in the room gave me the complexion of canned Spam’

Will this airline attendant’s budding romance take flight?

Jeff L. and Ru M. on their Zoom date.
Jeff L. and Ru M. on their Zoom date.HANDOUT

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RU M.: 53 / in-flight service attendant

HER PERFECT MATE: An entrepreneur or retired creative artist

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s always up for a great conversation

JEFF L.: 55 / computer animator


WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH: He’s an excellent cook



Ru It’s a chance to meet an interesting person. What did I have to lose?

Jeff I’ve been on Match for years to no avail. Apparently whatever I am is not a big seller online. My sister convinced me to try this.


Ru I called my siblings for a good laugh and advice for what not to say.

Jeff I wanted my conversation and my reactions to be genuine. No prepared lines or notes. If you’re waiting to drop a line or a specific comment, you’re not listening. In retrospect, I could have maybe put a few minutes into lighting my setup. The illumination in the room gave me the complexion of canned Spam.

Ru We immediately struck up conversation. He was easy-going and attractive.

Jeff She had an easy grace only possessed by a woman of confidence. Pretty white sweater, elegant up-do. All in a room expertly curated to match.


Ru The ease and natural flow of conversation in the first five minutes was wonderful.

Jeff She seemed very at ease and eager to chat. Being New Englanders, we always talk about where we’ve lived. Work of course, and the inevitable moment where you discover you know the same family in Marion. That’s a gimme I think for all residents of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


Ru He is very creative and I found what he does for a living fascinating. I love that he enjoys cooking.

Jeff We spent time talking about our travels. Finding parallels in our lives as parents was truly interesting. I feel like we didn’t even scratch the surface of all we could talk about. She’s had so many interesting stages in her life. It makes her really intriguing!

Ru I had Thai chicken lettuce wraps from The Cheesecake Factory.

Jeff I ordered a wonderful manicotti from Lucia in Newport, one of my favorite restaurants.

Ru There was no lull in conversation.

Jeff She is a delight to spend time with. Her willingness to share, and listen, is a lovely aspect of who she is. She was so lovely on first sight it’d be tough to up that ante. But she did.


Ru We could have talked for a long time. We both felt it was time.

Jeff We came to a very natural stopping point. With a virtual date, you don’t have that protracted goodbye of getting coats, walking out, finding cars, the awkward hug. ... It’s just click and you’re gone.

Ru We planned on getting together again to know each other better.

Jeff We exchanged contact info (good thing, right?) and wished each other a nice night.


Ru Yes, we set up another in-person date.

Jeff We planned another Zoom date, but seeing how we’re both fully vaccinated, we changed it to in person! We’ll meet up in Newport for a “walk about” and dinner!



Ru / A

Jeff / A for sure!