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Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

Readers respond, from housing market woes to critter problems.

Close to Home

I read with interest the analysis of the ludicrous — no, make that obscene — real estate market around Greater Boston (“Top Spots to Live,” April 25). However, [it seems] to characterize a certain Bostonian provincialism about the suburbs south of the city. Why do folks in Boston always think that “south of Boston” is only the South Shore and the Cape, and ignore the I-95 corridor from Dedham to Providence?

Paul Andrews / North Attleborough

I am sitting here having a heart attack reading about the (realistic) desperation for many to find a decent, affordable house. Times sure have gotten worse. Or, the average family who can afford to remain in Eastern Massachusetts is doing pretty well, financially speaking.


Martha1 / posted on bostonglobe.com

Writer Jon Gorey totally missed the point of living in the beautiful town of Marion — that it is the home of Tabor Academy, a private school on Sippican Harbor with a beautiful campus, its own marina, and its own schooner. It is very quiet, and hard to get to, I would agree. I know, my grandson is a student there!

Judith Crowley / Marshfield

This article would have been more informative if tax rates were given. Anybody moving to Halifax should be prepared for sticker shock.

Thomas1956 / posted on bostonglobe.com

Animal Crossing

In reference to Miss Conduct’s April 25 column about the neighbor’s critter problem in her vegetable garden (“Creature Discomfort”), relocation of wild animals is not only “fraught with problems,” as the letter writer says, it is illegal in Massachusetts. If the writer is to close off this topic for discussion, as Miss Conduct suggests, perhaps she should first inform her neighbor that she may be committing a crime.

Sarah Tiberi / Medfield

Vacation Planning


Thanks to Susan Moeller for her fantastic, hopeful article about Cape Cod this summer (“The Cape Returns,” May 2). Moeller covered a wide variety of topics and laid out realistic expectations.

Gordon Starr / Barnstable town councilor

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