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Some serious heat is coming to Mass. this weekend

Highs on Sunday will reach the mid-90s in several areas.
Highs on Sunday will reach the mid-90s in several areas.NOAA

As showers and a few thunderstorms ended the work week the big story is the upcoming heat. We might not break any records next week, but it will easily be at the top end of the scale for warmth so early in June.

June heat waves are not unprecedented, but they are not very common and there’s the possibility that some of you have a four or five day bout of 90-degree weather beginning Saturday. It’s quite likely that most areas see three solid days of 90-degree weather with Monday and perhaps Tuesday being slightly hotter than Sunday.

I’m a numbers guy so I love to look back at weather history and see how all of this compares. Back in 1925 the city sweltered through five days of 90-degree weather from June 3 through June 7. The 6th was 100 degrees that year. This was of course without any air conditioning.

The hot June of 1984 brought five days of 90-degree weather early in the month. The 97-degree day on June 8 of that year is still the record. There would be many more 90-degree days in July and August that year.


Our coming heat wave will affect most everybody with the exception of Cape Cod and the Islands as well as extreme eastern Essex county where a southwest breeze keeps those locations well under 90 degrees. The air quality will deteriorate over Cape Cod with an alert on Saturday.

Highs on Saturday will be near 90 degrees in many locations.
Highs on Saturday will be near 90 degrees in many locations.NOAA

If there is a little bit of morning fog Saturday it will quickly burn off leaving us with sunny skies. There’s going to be a southwest wind on Saturday helping to ventilate things a bit. Ninety-degree weather will not be quite as widespread as the following days although inland communities will reach that mark for a couple of hours in the afternoon.


Even Logan Airport will be close to 90 on Saturday.

It’s really Sunday when the heat arrives in full on a westerly flow of air negating any sea breezes.

Monday is likely a mid-90s kinds of day. With strong June sunshine, for many it will be difficult to be active outside in the midday heat. Obviously don’t leave pets or children unattended in a car for any amount of time in this weather.

Tuesday is an interesting day to predict. There might be a batch of clouds and showers to the southwest. The clouds from this area could keep it under 90 degrees that day, if — and it is a big if — they materialize, otherwise it’s back to the 90s. 

Wednesday is likely 90 again, but this becomes a five-day forecast and a couple of models expect the heat to break that day as opposed to Thursday. Either way, it is much cooler to end next week. I will have a better idea on the ceasing of hot weather early next week.

Aside from the days being hot, the nights are going to be what many will consider uncomfortable for sleeping. When you see a low temperature forecast around 70 that’s what you can expect at 4:30 in the morning. But when most of you are going to sleep between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. it will still be well into the 70s if not in the 80s. If you happen to be without air conditioning it’s going to be a rough few nights.


Lows on Sunday morning will be around 70 in most places.
Lows on Sunday morning will be around 70 in most places.NOAA