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His hibernation was longer than he expected

Joan Vennochi’s “Shaking off pandemic inertia is harder than expected” (Opinion, June 1) resonated with me. Inertia must be respected. We are like bears waking from hibernation. I liked winters in the past because I could simulate the bears and cocoon at home. I didn’t expect to stay in that suspended state for over a year. I started telecommuting in 1984 when I opened my own firm specializing in the bond market. I also pursued online real estate marketing for the government using the Bloomberg system. So working from home wasn’t that different for me. Nevertheless, the rest of the world was home too, and this hibernation was not the same for everybody. I understand the difficulty of shaking off the inertia in order to return to the office. Today’s shock is tomorrow’s condition, so people will adapt. I suffered from a new syndrome: schmooze deprivation. I also believe we have a new disorder: post-pandemic stress disorder. The severity and pain caused by this pandemic earned it a place in the pantheon of pandemics.

Steven A. Ludsin


East Hampton, N.Y.