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Nevertheless, Trump persists

Re “Trump grievances cloud GOP agenda”(Political Notebook, June 7): Donald Trump clearly is plotting the restoration of his lost presidency, and the ominously growing movement in state legislatures to restrict voting has only emboldened the former president, who somehow expects to be “reinstated,” as he continues to demonstrate his delusional behavior. Alarmingly, his outrageous sense of entitlement has the potential of igniting widespread violence on the level that befell the Capitol on Jan. 6 with disastrous consequences.

While few of even his most fervent supporters are likely to buy into Trump’s absurd notion that his decisive loss can be reversed, he does command a disturbingly high percentage of supporters who persist in their belief that Joe Biden’s victory was fraudulent. No one expects Trump to acknowledge his loss. But it is well past the time for Republicans in and out of Congress to end their blind subservience to the former president and to dissociate themselves from the lies that he perpetuates.


Roger Hirschberg

Bondville, Vt.