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Manchin’s vote could ultimately help destroy institutions he claims to value

In “Manchin’s stance exposes Democrats’ rift” (Page A1, June 9), Jazmine Ulloa refers to a recent op-ed in which Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia argues for maintaining the filibuster, asserting that passage of voting rights legislation with only Democratic votes would “destroy the already weakening binds of our democracy.” However, many experts believe that the current flood of Republican state legislation to suppress the vote and to allow legislatures to overturn elections will make it highly unlikely that Democrats will ever again elect a majority to the US House or Senate and will be unlikely ever again to elect a president. Hence, without passage of national voting rights legislation, Republican state legislatures will almost certainly destroy democracy.

Once future Republican Party rule has been assured, Senator Mitch McConnell will no longer have any incentive to protect the Senate minority and will proceed to eliminate the filibuster. Manchin would then be responsible for destroying two institutions that he claims to value: both the filibuster and the American democratic experiment.


Michael Biales