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Global approval of the United States has rebounded under Biden, survey finds

President Joe Biden.
President Joe Biden.Hollie Adams/Bloomberg

President Biden has promised the world that “America is back.”

As he takes his first trip abroad as president, a Pew Research Center global survey released Thursday shows that many in advanced economies believe it.

Trust in the US presidency fell to historic lows in most countries surveyed during Trump’s tenure, according to Pew.

Under Biden, it has soared. In the 12 countries surveyed both this year and last, a median of 75 percent of respondents expressed confidence in Biden to “do the right thing regarding world affairs,” Pew found, compared with 17 percent for Trump last year. Sixty-two percent of respondents now have a favorable view of the United States vs. 34 percent at the end of Trump’s presidency.


"The election of Joe Biden as president has led to a dramatic shift in America's international image," the Pew report reads.

The findings come a day after Biden touched down in England on the first leg of a whirlwind trip through Europe.