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Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘He lived in Hawaii until lava from a volcano drove him east to Maine’

Will the distance prove too much for these two New Englanders?

Virginia B. and Steve D. on their Zoom date.
Virginia B. and Steve D. on their Zoom date.Handout

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STEVE D.: 66 / retired Foreign Service officer

HIS PERFECT SATURDAY: Going hiking or biking

WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH: Good sense of humor

VIRGINIA B.: 67 / semi-retired nurse practitioner

ON A DESERT ISLAND, SHE’D BRING: Some seeds to grow. Some cloth to sew. A book to read.

HER INTERESTS: Skiing, cycling, gardening



Steve After all these Zoom things, I am used to chatting with total strangers.


Virginia Being single in rural New Hampshire can be the envy of many. But it has its challenges. Meeting someone online seemed safe, fun, respectable.

Steve My usual camera setup didn’t work but I am a photography geek so I just switched to a default setting.

Virginia I got a shower in after gardening, found a place to Zoom, and made supper. Hoped my Internet satellite wouldn’t hide behind the moon.

Steve Virginia is very good-looking.

Virginia He wore an engineer’s cap, overalls, and a flannel shirt. He had on glasses, but I couldn’t see his face that well.


Steve We talked about where we lived in New England and such.

Virginia He pulled up a map. He wanted an idea of where my small village was. Googling, we are 2 hours 55 minutes apart by car.

Steve We discussed numerous subjects: movies, biking, hiking, schooling, travel, work experiences, and such.

Virginia We spoke about biking. He got a map out of the cross New Hampshire trail I had done. He knew it, and had a brochure for it. We stayed mostly on superficial topics of conversation.

Steve I made my own food. It takes me 20 minutes each way to get takeout, and by then it’s cold.


Virginia I ordered homemade spring rolls. Foolish first date food, as homemade spring rolls should be eaten privately or in the company of those who understand the mess. Whenever he went off screen, I took a bite.

Steve We had many things in common. The dialogue flowed naturally.

Virginia I got to see a little window of how he ticked. He is well educated, engaged, and quirky. He lived in Hawaii until lava from a volcano drove him east to Maine.


Steve We ended it mutually after an hour. It was getting dark outside.

Virginia About an hour into the date, he was ready to wrap it up, and we did so. We talked about how we would answer [the after-date follow-up] questions from the Globe—I thought we should suggest that we agreed to “go off to Fiji”—he believed we should not go that route.

Steve Probably half an hour in, I thought, I really like this person. We seemed compatible.

Virginia I don’t think it was the best, and certainly not the worst, date I’ve ever had. A friend relationship seems appropriate.


Steve Virginia and I will probably go biking together this summer.

Virginia I don’t think so, although we could possibly go for a bike ride. An hour really isn’t enough time to get to know someone well enough to dive in to a six-hour round trip, in-person date. But we did exchange e-mails.



Steve / A

Virginia / B-