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“Boo Boo” the bear roaming the South Shore who has been spotted in numerous communities this month, added another town to his growing list on Tuesday morning: Duxbury.

Duxbury police said on Twitter that a resident living on Elm Street spotted Boo Boo in the backyard around 8:30 a.m. eating birdseed.

“Please keep a safe distance if you see him around town, secure any outdoor food sources and avoid him if possible,” police warned residents.

A second video captured by a resident, posted to Facebook by Duxbury police, shows Boo Boo running off into a wooded area near Elm Street.

Duxbury is the latest in a growing list of towns visited by Boo Boo, which includes Hanson, Whitman, Hingham, Marshfield, Scituate, Norwell, and Cohasset. Boo Boo’s travels have spawned the Twitter account “@southshorebear,” which chronicles his journey across the area.

“Duxbury beach here I come,” the account tweeted Tuesday morning, before asking for flavor recommendations at Farfar’s Ice Cream.


Dave Wattles, a Black Bear and Furbearer biologist with the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife, said the bear’s behavior is not uncommon even though its location is.

“It’s definitely not common,” he said of black bears roaming the South Shore. However, Wattles said, since the bear is “likely a young male ... this is what you tend to see.”

“Our established bear range goes from roughly Worcester and in the northeast, it extends a bit further to the east and that’s where we’ve got lots of bears active, reproducing population,” Wattles said. “In the east, it tends to be young males that are dispersing trying to find a territory for their own so that’s almost definitely what this is.”

Wattles said MassWildlife will likely continue to let Boo Boo roam the South Shore as the bear is not a threat to public safety.


“If it were to wander into like downtown Taunton or the middle of Quincy ... that’s when we would potentially take action and move it,” he said. “It’s not a public safety concern having a bear in these areas, despite [them] being reasonably well developed, we have bears using just as developed portions of the state elsewhere, and don’t do anything.”

The bear will likely make its way back to the area southeast of Worcester, where it could encounter other bears and potentially find a mate, Wattles said.

“Now it is starting to loop back and it’ll probably keep moving until it gets to an area where there are some other bears and the scent of bears eventually, it wants to make and so it needs to be in a place where there are other bears to do that,” he said.

MassWildlife has been following the bear for “about a month,” Wattles said, since it was seen in the Attleborough area. Wattles said “it’s possible” Boo Boo is the same bear who was spotted in Framingham earlier this year before disappearing.

The agency is primarily tracking the bear via public reports, Wattles said.

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