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Bird sightings from Mass Audubon

Spring migration has nearly ended, so this is the season to enjoy watching nesting species and some of their interesting behaviors. June is also a month that sometimes welcomes the appearance of unexpected vagrants in Massachusetts, as well as the first early southbound shorebird migrants by month’s end.

Cape Cod: Some interesting waterfowl recorded at South Monomoy Island included 10 gadwalls, four blue-winged teal, two Northern shovelers, three green-winged teal, and two ruddy ducks, as well as a sora, a common gallinule, and two American coots. Elsewhere on the Cape, a Mississippi kite was observed in Harwich, a merlin in Orleans, a yellow-crowned night-heron in Yarmouth Port, one-to-two little gulls at Race Point in Provincetown, the continued calling of a chuck-will’s-widow in North Falmouth, and two blue grosbeaks at the Crane Wildlife Area in Falmouth.


Essex County: Highlights featured a lingering horned grebe at Marblehead, as well as Plum Island luminaries including two Northern shovelers, a king rail near the Plum Island bridge, a black guillemot, an olive-sided flycatcher, and a late Northern parula.

Greater Boston: There were two ruddy ducks at Chestnut Hill Reservoir, four piping plovers at Wollaston Beach, and an Acadian flycatcher in the Blue Hills along the Skyline Trail in Quincy.

Martha’s Vineyard: Sightings included a willow flycatcher, a white-eyed vireo, a cliff swallow, two purple martins, and two Northern parulas.

Plymouth County: The region hosted an out of season American golden-plover at Duxbury Beach and a mourning warbler at Manomet.

South Coast: There were yellow-crowned night-herons noted in Dartmouth and Fairhaven.

Western Mass.: Observers spotted four sandhill cranes in Ashfield, a great egret, two dickcissels and two blue grosbeaks at the Southwick Wildlife Area in Southwick, and a possible Western meadowlarkheard singing off South Longyard Road in Southwick.In Hatfield, a least bittern was heard calling, and in Williamsburg, an Acadian flycatcher and a Swainson’s thrush were singing. At the Honey Pot in Hadley, two blue grosbeaks were observed.


Worcester County: There was an Acadian flycatcher in North Brookfield and a Lawrence’s warbler at the Westborough Wildlife Management Area in Westborough.

For more information about bird sightings or to report bird sightings, call Mass Audubon at 781-259-8805 or go to www.mass audubon.org.