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One intern’s email mishap spurred a Twitter storm of support

An HBOMax intern is feeling the love from a range of people sharing their own anecdotes of on-the-job mistakes

An HBOMax intern's email slip-up spurred an outpouring of encouragement on Twitter.
An HBOMax intern's email slip-up spurred an outpouring of encouragement on Twitter.Gabby Jones/Bloomberg

Everybody makes mistakes. At least, that’s the sentiment surrounding hundreds of tweets addressed to an HBOMax intern who mistakenly sent a blank test email to a batch of digital subscribers.

On June 17, HBOMax’s help account on Twitter addressed the mishap, writing, “We apologize for the inconvenience, and as the jokes pile in, yes, it was the intern. No, really.”

Within minutes, professionals across industries chimed in with tweets beginning with “dear intern.” Most users utilized the trend to detail their professional mistakes to sympathize. Some reassuring, some hilarious, all mildly cringe-inducing, here are the best “dear intern” stories.


Sage advice from some data experts

Some people offered words of encouragement and advice for moving on from the mistake. Otherseven suggested that the intern inadvertently improved HBO’s email software by finding a bug.

A little humor always helps

It wouldn’t be Twitter without some quips to keep you laughing. In attempts to sympathize with the intern, Twitter users shared tales of screw-ups from their intern days or later in their careers. Many of these awkward anecdotes ended on a positive note, reiterating reassurances that everything will work itself out.

Even Monica Lewinsky joined the discussion, offering a tongue-in-cheek remark about her time as an intern with the Clinton administration.

Clowning on HBO a bit never hurt, either

Citing disappointing series finales (ahem, Game of Thrones) and typically basic social media marketing on HBO’s part, some Twitter users took the trend as an opportunity to give HBOMax a piece of their mind.

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