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Saltie Girl is offering tinned fish subscription boxes

They come in two sizes, both with a rotating assortment

Tinned Seafood from Back Bay restaurant Saltie Girl, who offers a monthly subscription of boxes of tinned seafood.Mike Cotrone

The Back Bay restaurant Saltie Girl has introduced us to glorious tinned seafood — smoked and fried, bathing in lemon, spices, or sauces. They’re a specialty in Spain and Portugal. These days, the restaurant offers a monthly subscription to its canned fish with house-made accoutrements — marinated piquillo peppers, savory jams, chips, and more. The boxes, which make excellent gifts, contain a rotating assortment and are designed in two ways: one has three tins, and you might find sardines, mussels, octopus, squid, anchovies, or yellow fin tuna belly, and more ($42 a month). Six cans arrive in the other, with two premium choices, like baby eels, razor clams, cockles, bluefin tuna, and others ($82 a month). The seafood comes from Spain and Portugal, and also from Japan, Alaska, California, and Oregon. Use them in a charcuterie board, or eat straight from the can. “One should make sure they have a wonderful fresh loaf of crusty bread and slather it with some excellent quality butter,” recommends Saltie Girl’s owner, Kathy Sidell. To order for pickup or free shipping, go to table22.com/saltie-girl.



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