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A Dunkin’ iced coffee has become a fixture at the Ashmont T station — and Boston Reddit is invested

The famously abandoned Dunkin' iced coffee on the median at the Ashmont T station.Dana Gerber

Maybe we’ve all gone a bit crazy from the heat, but somehow an abandoned iced coffee has amassed a following on social media.

A plastic Dunkin’ coffee cup has apparently been sitting on the median between the inbound and outbound trains at the Ashmont MBTA station for over a month, and Boston Reddit has taken notice.

On June 22, Andrew McAvoy, who lives in Adams Village, posted a picture of the cup on the discussion website, inquiring if anyone else had noticed its presence. He said he first saw the abandoned beverage about two or three months ago.

“I didn’t keep track until I really started seeing nobody picked it up,” McAvoy said in an interview. “[In] some way, I got attached to it.”


Comments on the post quickly racked up, with some waxing philosophical about whether it’s half full or half empty, wondering if it’s a Banksy art installation, or asking McAvoy to keep them “cupdated.”

In a June 26 post, which has since been deleted, a user confirmed the cup was “still there,” alongside a picture.

“I like to keep up on it,” McAvoy said, “Now that I’ve seen some people invested in it within the city, I’ll keep posting about it until people stop caring.”

One Redditor theorized in the comments that the cup was left there by a night worker repairing the tracks. Others expressed their surprise that a humble Dunkin’ cup could survive the perils of a T station.

“The wind from the trains pulling in is usually pretty strong,” user iamnotthatguyiamme wrote. “Also a rat should’ve ran by and knocked it over by now.”

“Nobody has tried to throw something at it to knock it over, or nobody’s picked it up,” McAvoy said. “That’s a weird quirkiness about it.”

Dana Gerber can be reached at dana.gerber@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter @danagerber6.