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‘Dexter’ resurrects more than a series in upcoming season 9

Michael C. Hall (pictured in season 8) will return as the title character in season 9 of "Dexter."
Michael C. Hall (pictured in season 8) will return as the title character in season 9 of "Dexter."Randy Tepper/Showtime

By this point, you probably know that Showtime’s “Dexter” is being exhumed and reanimated. The series ended in 2013, a few seasons after it lost its magic, but it’s returning for a 10-episode ninth season in the fall.

Now comes news that a few actors whose characters were killed off in the original series are going to return for the revival. Jennifer Carpenter, who played Dexter’s sister (and, ew, possible romantic interest), is returning. Her Deb was killed in the series finale, but I’m assuming she’s going to reappear in flashbacks and dream sequences. Likewise John Lithgow, who played the Trinity Killer in the fourth season. Lithgow is returning, even while Trinity wound up on Dexter’s kill table (before Dexter discovered that he’d murdered Rita).


From the previews released by Showtime, we know that Dexter is now in upstate New York living under an assumed name — in one clip, it appears to be Jim Lindsay — while those in Miami think he died when his boat capsized in a hurricane. Will his “Dark Passenger” return? In a clip, we see him looking out of a window in which we see the reflection of what appears to be a body covered in plastic behind him. So I’m thinking yes.

The newcomers to the show include Clancy Brown, who will be the season’s big villain, as well as Julia Jones as the town’s chief of police. Oscar Wahlberg (yes, Mark and Donnie are his uncles) will play the captain of the local wrestling team, and Jamie Chung will play a true-crime podcaster.

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