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Wellesley encourages residents to switch to electric vehicles

Environmental officials in Wellesley are encouraging residents to consider switching to electric vehicles to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the town, according to the town’s Climate Action Committee.

Transportation accounts for about 43 percent of the town’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to a statement released by the committee. The wider use of electric vehicles, also called EVs, is an important part of Wellesley’s strategy to reduce emissions.

The town is working to achieve a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by midcentury, the statement said.

Along with greater use of electric vehicles, the town is encouraging people to use other modes of transportation — such as increased biking, walking, and public transit — as an alternative to gas-powered automobiles.


A federal tax credit and a state rebate are available for buyers of electric vehicles, and the Green Energy Consumers Alliance’s Drive Green program also could offer savings, the statement said.

“Every one of us can help combat climate change by replacing older, gas-powered vehicles with EVs,” said Marybeth Martello, Wellesley’s sustainability director, in the statement. “EV purchase incentives make it more cost-effective for each of us to do our part.”

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