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ChezNew-ChezVous aprons are handmade, hard-working whimsy

Aprons from a small Cambridge company called ChezNew-ChezVous.Handout

Fashionable, handmade aprons with deep pockets come from a small Cambridge company, ChezNew-ChezVous. Cofounders Lisa White, a chef, and Sheila Ryder sew the aprons themselves with pre-washed fabrics, sometimes repurposing curtains or tablecloths. Made of cotton or a cotton/linen blend, they come in dozens of patterns, decorated with edging and trim, and with straps halter-style, on the shoulders and cross back. The aprons come in small, medium, large, or extra-large, and for a child, but generously sized to encourage wiping hands or a brow. Some have split skirts to protect knees when gardening or crafting. The company also takes special orders. Recently White and Ryder created an apron for a backyard chicken farmer — it has 15 small, narrow pockets, each one a perfect fit for an egg. $25 to $45. Some aprons are available at Cambridge Mercantile, 375 Huron Ave., Cambridge, or order at



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