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The cost of fixing the Roosevelt Circle overpass in Medford on Interstate 93 that was damaged by a truck on July 19 will likely exceed $1 million, according to state transportation officials.

“MassDOT Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver has stated it will be several weeks before an approximate estimate is made of the total costs of damages to the Roosevelt Circle Overpass however, in general, the cost of temporary and permanent repairs is anticipated to exceed $1 million,” MassDOT spokeswoman Jacquelyn Goddard said in an e-mail to the Globe.

Traffic on Interstate 93 southbound in Medford was restricted last week as crews made emergency repairs to the overpass after it was hit by a truck last Monday.


The truck, which is owned by Dove Transportation of Lincoln, Ala., was hauling a water clarifying tank when it struck the overpass, damaging structural beams on the underside of the bridge. State Police said one beam was split in two and another was bowed from the impact of the crash. The 57-year-old Alabama man who was driving was fined $210 for the truck being overheight and for violating the permit issued by the Department of Transportation, according to State Police.

State Police said the height of the truck with its load measured 14 feet 9 inches when it was only permitted for a maximum height of 14 feet, and the driver violated the permit for not having flag cars and for being off-route.

Speaking at a MassDOT board meeting on Monday, Gulliver said that the crash “caused an incredible amount of damage” to the bridge.

“This was a very difficult emergency response that required an extensive amount of work and coordination and engineering,” said Gulliver.

Crews had to remove parts of the bridge and decking that were damaged by the truck “in a way that would not further damage the rest of the bridge, which is very challenging when you’re dealing with such a busy area such as 93,” said Gulliver. “We actually had to build the shoring towers in the highway, which effectively closed half of the highway — 93 south — down to half capacity.”


Gulliver said the emergency repairs that were made to reopen the bridge to traffic are expected to cost “several hundreds of thousands of dollars, probably approaching half a million, maybe even a little bit more,” said Gulliver. “The longer term repair will, of course, be less than that, but our experience is that you’re still talking in the million dollar range, roughly.”

Gulliver said MassDOT’s accident recovery unit is working with the carrier’s insurance and bonding companies to recover the funds to cover the costs of fixing the overpass.

“It will definitely take several months to work out just because we don’t have a full idea yet of what the actual cost is going to be,” said Gulliver.

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