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Boston police on Friday continued their search for a suspect in the brazen daylight shooting and killing of a woman in Roslindale Square on Thursday.

The name of the woman, who was shot around 1:17 p.m. near the intersection of Corinth and Birch streets, has not been released.

No arrests have been made in what Sergeant Detective John Boyle, a department spokesman, said was not considered to be a random attack.

The woman was found by police outside Sullivan’s Pharmacy, where neighbors said she worked. She was rushed to an undisclosed hospital and died Thursday evening, police said.

A manager at Sullivan’s declined to comment to the Globe.


Two white candles leaned against the corner of the pharmacy parking lot on Birch Street Friday, a short distance from where the woman was attacked.

Residents and business people said they were shocked by the fatal shooting in the usually quiet neighborhood.

A worker at the Blue Star Restaurant, located across Birch Street from the pharmacy, said he was in the kitchen around 1 p.m. when he heard a dull popping noise and the screech of tires

“I never thought the noise was gunshots, but it sounded like a car took off up the road,” he said.

Raymond Lapena was cutting hair Thursday afternoon at Sebastian’s, a barber shop across Cornith Street from Sullivan’s, when he heard three distinct pops. He said he thought the shots were a car failing and didn’t initially realize it was a volley of gunfire.

Then police flooded Birch Street and the parking lot behind the pharmacy.

“I’ve never heard a gunshot in my life,” Lapena said Thursday. “How does this happen here?”

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