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Coral Moons frontwoman Carly Kraft brings ‘70s soul to band’s debut release

Coral Moons will release their debut album, Fieldcrest, on Aug. 6 with a live show at Aeronaut Allston.
Coral Moons will release their debut album, Fieldcrest, on Aug. 6 with a live show at Aeronaut Allston.TatianaAriola

Boston-based indie rock band Coral Moons, led by vocalist Carly Kraft, first made their appearance on 88.9 WERS’s Wicked Local Wednesday back in 2019. Following their single “Fall in Love,” the band reached nearly 55,000 streams on Spotify and released their EP, “Quarter Life Crisis,” produced by Sam Kassirer of Great North Sound Society studio in Maine, who is known for his work with alternative multi-genre band Lake Street Drive. Coral Moons snagged 2020 Boston Music Award nominations for Alt/Indie Artist of the Year and Video of the Year for their single, “Winnebago.”

The four-piece band’s debut album, “Fieldcrest,” drops Aug. 6, the same night they’ll play their first Boston show since the pandemic started, at Aeronaut Allston. Coral Moons partnered with the brewery to release a collaborative beer, raising funds for the National Independent Venues Association in support of the many small music venues struggling during the pandemic. We spoke with Kraft ahead of the band’s upcoming tour and album release.


How did all of the members meet?

I did not plan on being a musician in my lifetime. I went to school for programming at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) and got a job in Boston, and it was just terrible. I thought, this is not really what I want to be doing.

I started befriending some musicians, and they were so inspiring — one of those people being Justin Bartlett, who’s now our band’s guitarist. My coworker at the tech company, Manuel Camacho, who is now our bassist, started doing open mics with me. The whole time, we were doing tech during the day, music by night.

I think it’s great that you had this whole other life experience before you went into this.

Totally. And as a woman, I feel like you have to make it all the way to the top at a young age, like your clock is ticking. Being in the music community in Boston specifically has really shown me that it’s not about age, it’s really just about loving the music and just living your truth. You really recognize how important the word truth is.


Who would you say are your biggest inspirations musically?

When we started the band, I was really into blues rock, and I just wanted to do a blues band. I was listening to a ton of Tedeschi Trucks Band at the time, and ‘70s bands like Cream and Fleetwood Mac. We’ve evolved so much, sonically — moving more into indie rock. I’ve been loving Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus, basically all the heavy hitter, female indie rock stars. If you talk to every person in the band, they will say something different.

Coral Moons' debut album, "Fieldcrest," comes out Aug. 6
Coral Moons' debut album, "Fieldcrest," comes out Aug. 6Handout

Genre aside on “Fieldcrest,” what else influenced this record?

Most of the songs are about moving on in some way or another. “Fieldcrest” specifically, is basically a poem about my favorite summer day that I can remember: growing up, sneaking out and stealing liquor from my parents. And I think there’s this evolution in my mindset of, I don’t have to be young. I’m just right where I am. Fieldcrest is the name of the street I grew up on. It really is synonymous with the word “nostalgia” for me at this point. I think the definition of nostalgia is more of reminiscing in a positive way instead of regret.


What’s your favorite Boston venue that you’ve played?

Lizard Lounge [in the basement of Cambridge Commons] is our home. If you ever just want to go listen to some singer-songwriters in the Boston area, this is the place to go. It’s a 100-person venue, so it’s intimate. And we played our first show there. I’ve never felt more important anywhere else than onstage at Lizard Lounge.


At Zone 3 Aeronaut Allston, Aug. 6, 6:30 p.m., 21+, Free

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.