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The most delicious way to read Rhode Island’s campaign fundraising reports

How many slices of “Death by Chocolate” cake can the candidates afford?

A slice of Gregg's six-layer Death by Chocolate cake.
A slice of Gregg's six-layer Death by Chocolate cake.Gregg's Facebook page

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ICYMI: Rhode Island was up to 154,790 confirmed coronavirus cases on Monday, after adding 400 new cases since July 30. The daily test-positive rate was 3.2 percent. The state announced no new deaths, keeping the total at 2,740. There were 27 people in the hospital, and 659,272 residents were fully vaccinated.



If you’re running for governor or mayor of Providence, you might want to ask House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi how to raise the big bucks.

While the candidates for all the big jobs next year were busy dialing for dollars over the last few months, it was Shekarchi who pulled in the most money between April 1 and June 30, according to campaign fundraising reports that were due to the Rhode Island Board of Elections at midnight.

Shekarchi brought in $366,125 during the second quarter of 2021, by far the most of any politician in the state for that three-month period. He now has $1.46 million in the bank, which is enough to buy every single public school student in Rhode Island a slice of “Death by Chocolate” cake from Gregg’s in East Providence ($9.49 each on DoorDash) and still have some left over to run for re-election.

Here’s a look at where the candidates for governor and Providence mayor stand, along with how much cake they should be buying.


State Treasurer Seth Magaziner (D)

Cash on hand: $1,500,955

Slices of Death by Chocolate that buys: 158,161


Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza (D)

Cash on hand: $1,145,982

Slices of Death by Chocolate that buys: 120,756

Governor Dan McKee (D)

Cash on hand: $716,595

Slices of Death by Chocolate that buys: 75,510

Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea (D)

Cash on Hand: $668,186

Slices of Death by Chocolate that buys: 70,409

Luis Daniel Muñoz (D)

Cash on Hand: $3,631

Slices of Death by Chocolate that buys: 382

Matt Brown (D)

Cash on Hand: $49

Slices of Death by Chocolate that buys: 5

Providence mayor

Brett Smiley (D)

Cash on Hand: $350,376

Slices of Death by Chocolate that buys: 36,920

Michael Solomon (D)

Cash on Hand: $250,000

Slices of Death by Chocolate that buys: 26,343

Gonzalo Cuervo (D)

Cash on Hand: $193,300

Slices of Death by Chocolate that buys: 20,368

Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune (D)

Cash on Hand: $130,125

Slices of Death by Chocolate that buys: 13,711


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