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Boston’s famous Skinny House back on the market for $1.2 million

The Skinny House, Boston's narrowest abode, is on sale for $1.2 million.Atlantic Visuals

One of the most famous houses in Boston — the legendarily lean Skinny House in the North End — is for sale at an outsize price: $1.2 million dollars.

The narrow nest was listed Monday by Carmela Laurella of CL Properties, marking the first time the Skinny House has been for sale since 2017 when it went for a cool $900,000. (Back in 2000, it sold for just $345,000, according to the Zillow listing.)

The sage green home, located at 44 Hull St., clocks in at about 1,165 square feet. The more interesting dimension? The house is barely 10 feet wide at its widest point, making it Boston’s slenderest dwelling. The structure narrows even further toward the rear, measuring just 9.25 feet.


To enter the North End's Skinny House, you have to walk through an entrance on the side of the property.Atlantic Visuals

The aggressively vertical abode contains four stories (accessible by a series of steep staircases), and a private roof deck boasts views of the Boston Harbor and the North End. Updated appliances, hardwood floors and exposed brick, and a Juliet balcony facing private gardens sweeten the deal. Just good luck fitting in, you know, a couch.

Guests enter to find a full-size (fun size?) kitchen complete with bespoke cabinetry and a stone countertop, with a modest dining area on the same floor. The second floor has a living area and dining nook, washer and dryer, and the house’s only bathroom, which is outfitted with royal blue tiling and a shower-bath combo.

The kitchen of the Skinny House, on sale now, has updated appliances and bespoke cabinets.Atlantic Visuals
The second floor of the Skinny House contains a sitting area, a blue-tiled bathroom with a bath-shower combo, and a washer and dryer.Atlantic Visuals

The third level contains a living nook and one of the bedrooms, with the upper level housing the other — a master bedroom with a built-in closet and den space. There is also a basement accessible through the back yard (which takes up more space than the foundation of the house, according to Boston Magazine).

The master bedroom of the Skinny House, Boston's narrowest dwellings, located in the North End.Atlantic Visuals
The back yard of the Skinny House, a ten-foot-wide abode in the North End that's on sale for $1.2 million.Atlantic Visuals

Among other notable features about the house, it lacks a front door — anyone entering the charming, if compact, residence has to come in through a side door down an alleyway.


So what was the genesis of the petite pad? The story goes that two brothers inherited land from their deceased father, but while one was fighting in the Civil War, the other built a sprawling property on it. Upon returning home from the war, the other brother built the skinny house in the 1880s for the sole purpose of blocking his brother’s views, earning the house the alternative moniker of the “Spite House.” Talk about throwing shade.

The Skinny House is also nicknamed "The Spite House," because it was reportedly built to block the views next door.Atlantic Visuals

If you’re dreaming of skinny living, act quickly. Appointments are available to view the home (both in-person and by video chat), and in 2017, it was snatched up in less than three months.

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