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Bill Belichick, longtime coach of the Patriots, may have added another ring to his collection — but this time, it’s not the Super Bowl kind.

Sportscaster Dale Arnold got Pats Nation buzzing when he tweeted a screengrab of Belichick during the exhibition game against the Washington Football Team Thursday night. In the image, Belichick wore some sort of ring on his left hand wedding-ring finger.

Arnold wasn’t the first Belichick watcher to wonder if he tied the knot with longtime partner, Linda Holliday. Various photos of Belichick posted by sports aficionados have shown him wearing a ring on his left hand at least since May. In some of the photos, he looks to have a bracelet to match.


Belichick could have invested in a so-called “smart ring.” Brands like Oura or Motiv track fitness and sleep activity through bands people wear on a finger rather than on their wrist like other watch-like fitness trackers.

Belichick, 69, has been dating Holliday since 2007, when they met at a Florida nightclub. Holliday is often spotted cheering on her beau at Patriots games — or, in the case of the 2017 Super Bowl, ordering a bespoke Swarovski crystal Patriots hoodie with “BELICHICK” emblazoned across the back.

Holliday also sports some bling on her ring finger. If you look closely at her latest Instagram photo with Belichick, from Bridgehampton, N.Y. on July 25, there’s something sparkly on her left hand. (Internet sleuths will rightly point out that she’s been wearing a ring of some sort on that finger at least as early as 2018. But notably, a 2017 photo of the couple at the Preakness Stakes shows Holliday’s left hand ring free.)

It’s hard to imagine the high-profile, ”no days off” coach managing to get hitched under the radar, especially since he and Holliday spend so much off-season time each year at his beloved Siasconset compound on Nantucket.


So, could Holliday’s Instagram bio offer a clue? She currently describes herself as “Ms Bill Belichick” — not quite “Mrs.” but close. (In 2018, she opted for the word “girlfriend” in her Twitter bio, according to Heavy.com.)

We do know of one recent Belichick wedding — that of his son Brian in June, which Holliday happily trumpeted on Instagram.

Wedding or not, Holliday has a lot going on. She’s the president of the Bill Belichick Foundation, and also has two children of her own, fashion influencer twins Kat and Ashley Hess, from a previous relationship. Belichick was married from 1977 to 2006 to Debby Clark, with whom he has three children: In addition to Brian, they have another son, Stephen (both brothers are on the Patriots staff), and daughter Amanda.

So did the no-nonsense coach finally say “I do”? The Globe reached out for comment to Stacey James, vice president of media relations for the Patriots, but has yet to hear back. For now, we can confirm that Belichick remains married to football.

Dana Gerber can be reached at dana.gerber@globe.com