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We need to tackle global warming with all deliberate speed

A submerged Cadillac sedan is seen on a residential street following a flash flood, as Tropical Storm Henri makes landfall, in Helmetta, N.J., on Aug. 22.TOM BRENNER/AFP via Getty Images

Declare a global war on climate change

Climate disaster is all around us, and our opportunities for mitigation are waning. But our attention is constantly diverted by other newsworthy matters. While this may be explainable, it is unacceptable if we want to provide a decent quality of life to humans and others in the future.

It’s time to declare a global war on climate change with all countries and peoples as our allies in the struggle. Not a war like that on drugs — or the one on terrorists, when we were urged to go shopping as usual, or “the terrorists win” — but a sacrifice like that of World War II, when we and our allies were part of the fight.


Unless we can unite despite all other problems, this house will not stand.

Jim Plotkin


Mass. needs a state climatologist to help lead its effort

Having a state climatologist isn’t some luxury that we should put off (“Bill calls for state climatologist post,” Metro, Aug. 23). It’s a necessity, and it’s even more important to include this person in policy making.

Hire an expert with real scientific education and background. Listen to them. Take them seriously. A climatologist’s counsel will pay for itself a million times over if it helps us avoid or mitigate even a portion of the fallout of the climate crisis.

It’s time to make laws that prioritize our planet — the only habitable one we have. That means listening, finally, to the experts.

Anna Gooding-Call