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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘It’s a Zoom call, so if it wasn’t working out, one of us could close the computer’

Will this chef’s pre-dinner date leave him hungering for seconds?

John T. and Sharon B.
John T. and Sharon B.HANDOUT

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JOHN T.: 47 / chef

HIS PERFECT SATURDAY: Summer boating till sunset

HIS HOBBIES: Snowboarding, hiking

SHARON B.: 47 / Pilates trainer

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s kind, compassionate, and empathic

HER INTERESTS: Dance, travel, tennis



John I signed up for Cupid after seeing it pop up on Facebook. I figured what the hell.

Sharon I read about one of the dates in the Globe and figured it would be an interesting spin on dating so, why not?


John I had some coffee and a glass of water. I was nervous but it’s a Zoom call so if it wasn’t working out, one of us could close the computer screen, I suppose.

Sharon Before the date, I opened a beer, turned up my music, and danced.

John I started early and Sharon logged on.

Sharon I might have been two minutes late but in my defense, I was dancing.

John I thought Sharon was cute.

Sharon He was a good-looking guy and had on cool red glasses.


John I think we were both a bit nervous but honestly, Sharon is very easy to talk to and has personality. We traded travel stories. She’s got a cat and I do, too. So we have that in common. I don’t know why so many people hate on cats.

Sharon John asked the name of my cat who was curled up behind me and said he had a cat named Snowball.

John I discovered Sharon [used to be] an acrobat and in a circus. She seemed interested in the fact I’m a chef, so we talked food, too.


Sharon He’s a chef, we’ve both been skydiving, and he loves Boston sports. He asked me if I was a Boston sports fan.

John We didn’t order food cause it was a virtual date. Sharon only had one beer. I just had water.

Sharon I didn’t order food. I don’t think he did, either.

John As far as romantic chemistry, there were a few innuendos sprinkled throughout the conversation.

Sharon When he took off his glasses I could see that he had striking blue eyes.


John We ended the date because I had to go to work. And then of course we talked for another 10 minutes or so.

Sharon He had to go to work. He said we should get together in person and we exchanged numbers.

John Virtual dating, to my surprise, is actually a great way to meet someone and figure out if it’s worth meeting in person.

Sharon I enjoyed laughing, learning a bit about him, and sharing stories. I felt pretty comfortable the whole time. I think it was just the right amount of time for a Zoom date.


John Yes, I’d be glad to take Sharon out on a date.

Sharon If he ends up making that coconut ice cream without M&M’s, maybe ...


John / B+ (Only because it was a Zoom date)

Sharon / B