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Mitt Romney is being vocal in his criticism of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan, and he is blaming both President Biden and former President Trump.

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday morning, The Republican senator from Utah said he believes the United States should have kept a military presence in Afghanistan.

“Going forward, we’re going to have to recognize that we’re in a much more dangerous position,” Romney told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Romney said the American absence in Afghanistan will allow groups such as the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda to grow in strength.

“They’re going to continue in their effort to regroup and to come after America,” he said.


“These forces of hate that consider America the great Satan — they’re still out there.”

Romney, a former governor of Massachusetts, put partial blame for the Kabul emergency on fellow Republican Trump.

Trump should not have reached an agreement with the Taliban on a complete US withdrawal, Romney said.

Biden equally criticized Biden for his decision to remove US forces from Bagram Air Base outside Kabul, which had been the largest and most important US base in Afghanistan.

“We’re in the position we’re in right now because of terrible decisions of two administrations,” Romney said.

On the subject of coronavirus restrictions, Romney said he supports giving local school boards the authority to enact mask mandates.

Speaking to the editorial board of the Salt Lake Tribune, Romney said that “I would love for the school district where my grandchildren are going to provide for their safety.”

And he said that private businesses should be allowed to institute vaccine mandates.

Romney singled out people who say they have the right to not wear masks and not get the vaccine.

“People say, ‘I want my liberty.’ Well, your liberty affects my health. When that occurs, we have to come to some sort of agreement.”