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Watch: Which Boston mayoral ads made the best pitch? Experts weigh in

Which Boston mayoral ads got it right? Two experts weigh in
All five Boston mayoral candidates have taken their pitch to voters to the airwaves. But how well could they work? Two experts offer their analysis. (Video produced by Caitlin Healy/Globe Staff)

All five Boston mayoral candidates have taken their pitches to the airwaves, with slick TV ads highlighting their personal histories, track records, and promises for a better Boston.

But how well are they making their case? We turned to two experts to offer their analysis on the ads’ messaging, their composition, and what they tell us about Boston’s past, present, and future.

“It’s an exciting time,” said Michael Jeffries, a professor of American Studies at Wellesley College focusing on race, culture, and politics.

Instead of ads directed toward a white audience, perhaps even stoking fear of people of color, the conversation has now moved to “how is it that people of color are trying to appeal to each other when it comes to political power and mobilization?” Jeffries said.


Tammy R. Vigil, senior associate dean and associate professor of media science at Boston University, said, “Almost any other year, each of these candidates would be able to differentiate themselves from the usual pool of candidates . . . and so watching the ads will help us to understand a little bit more about how they’re differentiating themselves from one another, and also what are some of the common themes.”

Watch the experts’ analysis in the video, above, and watch the full ads for yourself, below:

John Barros

Andrea Campbell

Annissa Essaibi George

Kim Janey

Michelle Wu

Globe columnist Shirley Leung contributed to this report.

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