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Watch: Tom Brady gets ‘bready’ in bizarre Subway commercial

Tom Brady's new Subway commercial aired during the Bucs' win over the Cowboys on Thursday.Mark LoMoglio/Associated Press

“Seductive, irresistible” and .... “bready?”

Former New England Patriots quarterback and known health nut Tom Brady stumped for Subway and its “Freshly Baked Fragrance” — bread — in an ad that aired Thursday during the NFL season opener.

Brady, dressed in a suit and shaded mysteriously in black and white, pulls a multigrain loaf from an oversized perfume bottle, encrusted with a “B” for “bready.”

He lifts the loaf to his face and inhales.

“Smells so good, you can almost taste it,” his voiceover booms.

A narrator is quick to point out: “But you don’t even eat bread.”

The extensive requirements of Brady’s TB12 diet indicate the Buccaneers quarterback rarely consumes bread. He occasionally indulges in pizza as a cheat meal, Men’s Health found. His personal chef told CBS Sports that white sugar, eggplants, MSG, and iodized salt are also off-limits.


The ad played during the Bucs’ win over the Cowboys.

Subway teased the release in a July 2021 commercial featuring tennis legend Serena Williams, soccer star Megan Rapinoe, and the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry.

Curry asked, “Do you even eat bread?”

“Steph, it’s a commercial,” Brady replied.

Patriots’ general manager Bill Belichick took part in a Subway ad last year, too.

The internet, of course, had mixed reactions to the Brady-“bready” situation.

“I miss 5 minutes ago when I had not yet seen the Tom Brady Subway commercial,” @heathermonahan_ of Tampa tweeted.

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