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‘Ted Lasso’ costar’s film-centric podcast is a kick

Brett Goldstein (pictured playing Roy Kent in "Ted Lasso") talks to famous and semi-famous people about their taste in movies in "Films to Be Buried With."Apple TV+ via AP

I’m a big fan of interview podcasts, from Marc Maron’s “WTF” to “Smartless” with Sean Hayes, Jason Bateman, and Will Arnett. I’m also a big fan of Brett Goldstein, the “Ted Lasso” actor-writer who plays Roy Kent, currently the team’s assistant coach. He has an angry face and a gruff manner and yet, behind it all, a warm heart.

Turns out Goldstein has an interview podcast that’s worth checking out. It’s called “Films to Be Buried With,” and he has been hosting it since 2018. Basically, Goldstein talks to famous and semi-famous people about their taste in movies. He has a series of questions for them about their first-ever movie experience, which movies they admire that no one else likes, which movies turn them on or scare them, etc. There’s some of the usual podcast chitchat about careers and upcoming projects, but mostly, the conversation revolves around these questions.


Naturally, in talking to his guests about movies, he winds up talking to them about their passions, their fears, and their life choices. It works beautifully, often going deeper than you might expect, and Goldstein’s manner — gentle, positive, and playful — is easy to appreciate. Each episode becomes a mixture of celebrating specific films, the guest’s biography, and the broad value of having movies in our lives.

Oh, and talking about death. Each guest must describe his or her own death before naming a movie they want to show in heaven. It may sound forced, but it’s not — and it leads to some fascinating talk.

Goldstein’s guests come from all over the place. Over the years, he has talked to Sharon Stone, Maisie Williams, Moon Zappa, Rob Delaney, Chris Martin, Dominic Monaghan, and Ricky Gervais, as well as a bunch of British actors and comics I’ve never heard of. Also, he has hosted a number of his “Ted Lasso” castmates, including the wonderful Hannah Waddingham, who, like Goldstein, has a thing for the movie “Sliver.”


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