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Tell us: What issues have you noticed at MBTA and other state-owned properties?

A gap where steps are missing is seen on a staircase leading to the UMASS JFK T station where a man on a run fell to his death when he tried to access the stairs.Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff

After a Boston University professor died falling through a large gap in a state-owned staircase near a Dorchester MBTA station Saturday, officials and the public are questioning if the incident was a fluke or indicative of larger infrastructure issues.

The stairs had been “deemed unsafe and closed for approximately 20 months,” David Procopio, a State Police spokesman, told the Globe. The MBTA had repeatedly warned the public not to use the staircase to access the Red Line station and had blocked the entrances with fencing.

We want to hear from you: What other potentially dangerous issues have you noticed at state-owned properties such as MBTA stations and public parks?


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Material from previous Globe reports was used in this article.

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