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This map shows where the mayoral candidates got their support

Councilors Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George appear poised to duel in November Boston mayoral election.Barry Chin/Nathan Klima

City Councilors Michelle Wu and Annissa Essaibi George have emerged as the two candidates who will vie in a Nov. 2 final election to make history in two ways, becoming the first woman and, at the same time, the first person of color to occupy the Boston’ mayor’s office.

Where did they get their support in Tuesday’s preliminary? And where did the three other major candidates who fell short - Acting Mayor Kim Janey, City Councilor Andrea Campbell, and former city economic development chief John Barros - get their votes?

The dot density map below shows votes garnered by each of the five major candidates down to the precinct level. Voting data released by the city doesn’t include specific addresses so dots are placed randomly in the precinct in which the votes were cast.


Zoom in to get a closer look. You can also filter by candidate or by neighborhood.

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