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Since being elected to the Boston City Council in 2013, Michelle Wu has been a remarkably proactive councilor. She has spearheaded policy initiatives such as providing paid leave for city workers, increasing renewable energy purchasing for the city, cracking down on Airbnb and corporate short-term rentals, banning practices such as facial surveillance in the Boston Police Department, and getting high-quality, locally sourced food for Boston Public Schools students, to name but a few successes.

In each case, she’s worked in coalition with grass-roots activists and pushed back against entrenched interests, not to mention the inertia of city government. She’s also put forth bold visions of what the city could do, such as her plan for a municipal Green New Deal.


Her opponents could be attacking her plans, her vision, or her ideas, but often, they try to adopt them instead. If the worst her naysayers can come up with, then, is a vote that took place almost 10 years ago (“How much should progressives trust Michelle Wu?” Opinion, Sept. 8), she should feel lucky indeed.

Jonathan Cohn


Ward 4 Democratic Committee


The committee has endorsed Wu for mayor.