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Greater Boston’s housing market is so competitive that almost everything is on the table when it comes to scoring a winning bid, even waiving inspection contingencies.

Many realtors don’t endorse this, as inspections are an important step in the home-buying process and can protect prospective buyers from major expenses. But there are key things to look for when deciding whether a property is your future dream home.

Home inspectors Harold Popp, with Mt. Vernon Inspection Associates, and Laurie Delmolino, with Compass Home Inspections, gave the Globe a run-down of vital areas to check during a home tour. This checklist is a baseline for making sure a home is up-to-date on the essentials.


Both Popp and Delmolino recommended asking the listing agent as many questions as possible and stressed that a full inspection is still the best way to know whether a home is in optimal condition.

“I do not recommend purchasing a house without a home inspection,” Popp added. “This [list] is really just a Band-Aid until your buyer can arrange to have the house professionally inspected.”

.Ally Rzesa/Globe staff; Adobe Stock

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