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Bill Belichick led the Patriots to a 25-6 win over the Jets Sunday, but the first question he fielded in his weekly interview on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” Monday had nothing to do with the game itself.

Instead, Belichick was asked about Julian Edelman’s impression of his former coach, which the now-retired wide receiver once again showed off during a recent episode of “Inside the NFL” on Showtime.

“Yeah, no I missed it,” Belichick deadpanned.

Asked if there was someone he thought did a good impression of himself, the Patriots coach said he didn’t know.

“I could certainly do one of him too,” Belichick said of Edelman, though he declined to do it on air.


Belichick on Mac Jones’s decision-making

When the conversation shifted to the win over New York — the first NFL victory of Mac Jones’s career — Belichick was again asked what he thought of his young quarterback’s decision-making. Specifically, Jones’s commitment to blocking (and, on Damien Harris’s touchdown run, helping to push the pile into the end zone).

“Football is a game of decision-making,” said Belichick. “We have a lot of competitive players, and they’re all trying to do things to help the team win. So, they just have to make good decisions on those situations.

“But, being out front of a reverse, that’s kind of part of the play,” added Belichick. “I don’t know how much help Damien needed on the run, but again, Mac’s a competitive guy, and love to see his competitive spirit come out.

“I think you saw the same thing from [Zach] Wilson on Devin [McCourty’s] interception. So, those are guys that like to play football. As long as a play’s going on, it seems like they’re a part of it. So it’s probably a good thing.”


Belichick on officiating

NFL officials are calling more taunting penalties, and it’s a polarizing subject around the league. Belichick said he is in favor of the rule’s enforcement.

“In general, I don’t really think there’s a place for taunting in the game,” Belichick said. “I think that’s poor sportsmanship and it leads to other things. It leads to retaliation, and then where do you draw the line? I think the whole idea of the rule is to kind of nip it in the bud and not let it get started.

“I’m in favor of that. I think that we should go out there and compete and try to play good football and win the game on the field. I don’t think it’s about taunting and poor sportsmanship. That’s not really my idea of what good football is.”

Belichick on Brady

In regard to recent comments from Tom Brady about potentially playing until he’s 50 years old, Belichick had a simple assessment of his former quarterback.

“I’m sure Tom would know better than anybody,” said Belichick. “If anybody could do it, it’s probably him.”