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After Alex Guerrero criticizes Patriots, Tom Brady weighs in on ‘20 great years’ in New England

Tom Brady and the Buccaneers will meet the Patriots next Sunday in Foxborough.Don Montague/Associated Press

Despite recent comments from long-time trainer and friend Alex Guerrero to the Boston Herald, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady said he appreciates what the Patriots organization did for him over the course of “20 great years.”

Guerrero criticized the Patriots for being inflexible with Brady.

“It was like Bill [Belichick] never really … I think his emotions or feelings never evolved with age,” Guerrero said. “I think in time, with Tom, as Tom got into his late 30s or early 40s, I think Bill was still trying to treat him like that 20-year-old kid that he drafted.”

For his part, however, Brady made it clear that while he appreciated Guerrero’s support, he is still grateful for his time with the Patriots.


“I have great respect and admiration for my time there,” Brady said Thursday. “I had 20 great years there — I kind of spoke about that the last 18 months. It was a great time in my life. But I’m really happy to be here, and I think we’ve done some great things in a short period of time.

“I really love the teammates that I have that I’m playing with here. I love the players, love the coaches. The organization’s been amazing. Again, it’s just a lot of gratitude for me.”

Tom Brady looks downfield for a target last Sunday against the Falcons.Jason Behnken/Associated Press

Brady added that Guerrero — like many other friends and family members of athletes — was being protective.

“That’s just part of being in sports,” Brady said. “A lot of people who — because they’re not out there, they want to protect. It’s a very caring and loving thing that people do.

“But from my standpoint, I had a great time.”

Brady and the Buccaneers have been a great fit. The defending Super Bowl champions once again look like a juggernaut, with every member of their Super Bowl team back. Brady looks ageless. Rob Gronkowski looks revitalized. A host of other talented players on both sides of the ball have helped make the Buccaneers look like a contender once again.


“My focus has been trying to do the best I can for this team, trying to go out and be a winning quarterback, to be a championship-level quarterback for this team and this organization because they certainly deserve it,” Brady said. “I made a commitment to them, and I want to live up to it.”