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Re “ ‘I have come too far, and I love me just as I am’ ” (Metro, Sept. 19): I appreciated both Kay Lazar’s article about the skin disorder vitiligo and John Tlumacki’s photos, which drew me to the article. This information needs to get out to the public, since too many people suffer emotionally from this disease, which currently has no cure. As the article states, the emotional toll is great and could be lessened if primary and mental health care providers and the general public knew where to get information and support. VITFriends does just that, but the article mentioned VITFriends only in passing.

VITFriends is more than a “Hyde Park support group.” This nonprofit organization has been reaching out through grass-roots efforts and supporting sufferers since 2009. Today, there are 15 affiliates nationwide, 18 medical student interns who provide volunteer support, 186 members of the Pen Pal Patch children’s group, and many partners around the world, including VITFriends (Vitamigos) Cuba.


My father had vitiligo and found no support beyond a diagnosis. He could have benefited from the widespread network VITFriends provides.

Nancy Vescuso