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Here is a selection of comments from players and coaches on both sides after the Saints beat the Patriots at Gillette Stadium.

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones on how he’s feeling after taking a lot of hits and what prompted him to take his knee brace off:

“My body feels good. Obviously, it wasn’t our day. We didn’t play as well as we wanted to. On the knee brace, I just slid and it kind of came loose, so I just took it off.”

Saints coach Sean Payton on what his team was hoping to accomplish on the last drive, which resulted in a touchdown:


“Look, naturally it was to possess the ball. I mean, momentum had shifted. They had just come off a score. It was a one-score game at that point. A field goal even really was going to give us some breathing room. It was to change the field position as much as anything. I felt like we played with a positive field position for a large part of the first half, and even into the early part of the second half. But when you start a drive like that, you’re thinking about making first downs. You’re not in just a four-minute run-the-ball mode. You know you’re going to have to throw it as well as run it. That was a significant drive.”

Jones on having support from teammates after interceptions:

“Interceptions are a part of the game. You obviously don’t want to throw them, and sometimes they’re bang-bang plays and sometimes they’re things you can control. I just have to learn from those errors. Everyone did have my back. It seemed they were very supportive.’'

Patriots center David Andrews on what he saw in Jones’s performance during the second half:

“Poise, keep going out there, keep throwing punches by him. It is our job to stand up for him and he is standing back there and delivering the ball, so we have to help uphold our end of the bargain and the entire team has to hold up our end of the bargain better. We just have to play better overall.”


Patriots safety Devin McCourty on the focus being on making corrections as opposed to getting lost in the narrative that Tom Brady is coming back:

“We’re not good enough to get lost ahead of us, so we better focus in on what we need to do and watch them from an X’s and O’s standpoint. Watch them as an offense, defense, special teams and lock in on that. We can’t worry about anything else.”

Patriots receiver Kendrick Bourne on his touchdown catch:

“Just transitioning through the catch. I can’t get it with my body slowing down so I just had to get there as quick as I can and we practiced that throughout the week and it hit pretty well then and showed up in the game. Practice reps make game reps and like I said just running through the ball and catching it in transition instead of stopping and trying is what makes the play big.”

Payton on whether this is the formula for the Saints to win this season, defense, special teams, efficient offense:

“I know this, just being in this league long enough, sometimes that formula has to change. We felt like going in that we wanted to effectively run the football. Obviously ball security, playing in here, is a must when you consider [the Patriots’] record at home. But I think it’s too hard to say each week. I mean, it’s going to vary based on the opponents.”


Saints QB Jameis Winston on what it means to come into this stadium with [Bill Belichick] on the other side? Not a lot of teams come in [to Foxborough] and win.

Yeah, you know, I’m playing for my head coach. Our head coach [Sean Payton], he has a lot of accolades as well. Again, we definitely revere Coach Belichick, he’s definitely a Hall of Fame coach. I’m happy we were able to come in as a team, defense dominated, offensive line did their thing, dominated the line of scrimmage, AK [Alvin Kamara] had a heck of a day, we made plays in the passing game when we needed to.”

Jones on James White’s injury:

“I think James is a great player, but he’s also a good person. He does everything right all the time. It seems like he just goes about his business. He comes into work every day. It’s not like he’s cutting any corners short because he’s an older player and knows it all. He continues to work. That definitely sucked to see him go down.”

Jones on what’s missing with his connection with tight end Jonnu Smith:

“I think Jonnu has done everything right. He’s out there running. He’s out there blocking, doing what he’s supposed to do. Me and him, we’re not always going to have perfect days. Nobody is. I think it’s more about just getting that connection in practice and the timing. That comes with reps.”


Patriots receiver Jakobi Meyers on playing through the mistakes:

“We know that errors are a part of football, but we have to focus a little bit harder. When the play call is for us, we have to go out and execute that play no matter who it is. We have got a lot of good players in this room so I’m not too worried about it being a habit.”

Patriots cornerback Jonathan Jones on how important Monday is in terms of finding out what kind of team they are:

“Yeah it is a reality check for us. At this point we need to find out who we want to be, what team we want to be. Are we going to come together or just lay down? At the end of the day that is up to us to decide.”

Patriots linebacker Matt Judon on what he thinks the defense can do better to close games:

“We’ve just got to execute. We were executing most of the second half and then they strung together a drive. It just seemed like third down after third down they converted and when that happens, it’s just execution and so we’ve just got to execute better than them.”

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